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Instructions for league admins and golfers belonging to leagues to manage and see their scores.

How it Works :

Golf League Management

  • Easy Golf League Registration
  • Setup your Golf League with no hassle using a simple step by step process
  • Play with team sizes ranging from 1 to 8 players
  • Choose either 9 or 18 hole formats
  • Quickly set up a single or multi-course league Schedule with round-robin pairings, using a variety of round types including Fun rounds, Practice rounds, Qualification rounds, Position rounds, and normal rounds
  • The Golf League Software can save time and effort in league preparation with the Scorecard print feature, which dots holes where handicap strokes fall¬†
  • Enter scores in seconds while a real-time display updates league results and standings
  • Built-in Email and message board modules allow easy intra-league communication for league golfers and administrators.¬†
  • Enjoy a vast array of on-demand golf league reports

Play by your Golf League Rules

  • Flexible options for points, scoring types, golf handicaps, hole score reduction, missing players, missing scores and more
  • Have teams play head to head or compete against the field
  • Change formats and points each round
  • Break your golf league into seasons so there can be multiple winners

Golf League Golfers

  • League Golfers enjoy personalized access to their golf league information via unique username and password
  • Round results and standings can be viewed by all players for all rounds and historical data including past years is available on demand
  • League golfers have access to a myriad of golf league reports
  • League golfers can match their statistics against golfers from other golf leagues
  • The Golf League Software provides for Skins (gross & net) which are a popular enhancement to the fun of league play


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